In 2014, the City of Karratha had introduced a new numbering system to standardise property address details across the Shire, make house numbers easier to locate. City of Karratha Chief Executive Office Chris Adams said the new system would ensure the proper and orderly numbering of properties within the Shire and make it easier for service providers to identify properties.

“The old lot numbering system has become out of sequence and at times confusing and hard to follow for both visitors and service providers. The new system will make it easier for emergency and utility service providers to identify properties quickly and will mean all properties across the Shire are following a standard system,” Mr Adams said. More information about the programme can be read here.

Top Colour were contracted to install kerb numbers on approximately 7500 properties for the City of Karratha Community Safety Program. Top Colour had successfully and promptly completed the project, working closely with the City of Karratha to ensure all properties were identified correctly.

In 2014 the City of Karratha had reflective kerb numbering installed at all properties within the City of Karratha to assist with property identification. This involved work at several towns separate to Karratha and all suburbs within Karratha. Around 7500 properties were numbered.

This project was considered an important contribution to community safety, particularly regarding the assistance it would provide to emergency services.

Commentary from many volunteers and professionals from the State Emergency Service, various Volunteer Fire Brigades, WA Police and St Johns Ambulance have been very complimentary of the initiative. A local ambulance officer has stated the numbers are easy to read at night and make locating properties much quicker, particularly as time can be  a life and death situation.

In addition, the kerb numbering program coincided with a property renumbering program for some of the suburbs and towns within the City of Karratha. Renumbering was completed to ensure properties complied with government requirements and Australian standards (as property addresses were also the allocated lot number and ran consecutively along the street). The kerb numbering assisted Australia Post and many other organisations with service delivery during the transition from old to new numbers.

Stephanie Sparks | Community Safety Coordinator – City of Karratha