In August 2016, Top Colour were contracted to paint 690 business and residential kerbside numbers in the town site of Denham. The Shire of Shark Bay had introduced a community safety programme as emergency services and local service providers of the town had difficulty finding house numbers during the night.

The previous street numbering that were installed were not fit for requirements and needs hence why there was a need for the kerb numbers to be updated. Top Colour met all requirements and specifications as outlined by the Shire and completed the project within a short turn around time.

Top Colour was requested to paint approximately 690 business and residential kerbside numbers within the town site of Denham, 840km north of Perth. The professionalism and prompt start time was a contributing factor in being awarded the work. The job was completed efficiently and effectively. Identifying the correct address was a major issue with emergency services and service providers of the town. I am pleased to say it is no longer a problem. Thank you Top Colour.

Francesca Hoult |Works Administration Officer – Shire of Shark Bay